Long time, no write

My apologies to anyone who had been following my writings. Finding time to write has been very tough when looking after a family, working, attempting to learn how to build a website, … and trying to write about interesting topics.

I found myself beginning to write this blog as though it were a diary. That is not/was not the aim of developing this blog.

I will try my best to write at least twice a week or more often (if something interesting happens to me in Japan.

Please keep coming back regularly. As always, if you have any comments, please write in and make your opinions known.


Of tutting

I don’t know about you, but I tend to tut. Tutting was part of my childhood. Do something bad, parents tut. Misbehave at school, teachers tut. Feel bored, I’d tut.
Sounds like my life was filled with tut … But it wasn’t all tuts!

Try tutting with Japanese friends or tutting in Japan. You’ll get a very strong negative reaction. Basically, it’s a very bad, offensive, angry sound in Japan.

For me it’s a natural, inoffensive sound. Make a mistake, I tut.

I find it very difficult not to tut. So not doing this one small sounds makes things difficult!

Do you ever tut? Is it so offensive?

CK – questions (final)

Sorry, I couldn’t get into my account. Only now can I post questions.

1. How often do you eat natto?

2.What do you usually do on Friday evenings?

3. Where did CK start up (begin)?

CK – questions – class 2

Sorry for the delay … PC problems!

1. Which do you prefer, coffee or tea? (why)

2. What is your favorite burger restaurant? (why)

3. Which company is better, Nissan or Toyota? (why)

Your habits

The mobile age?

Spot the odd one out.

Is this a sign of the mobile (cell) phone age? Or is it a sign of someone refusing to be part of the mobile phone age?

I’m sure this scene can be seen all over the world on public transport … or is it something particular to Japan?

I think this is one of the many things people do to ‘disconnect’ from others. I’m not saying this is good or bad, but I have seen many cases where this ‘disconnection’ is a bad thing.

Of course, the one person you don’t see in the photo is me. I was using my phone to watch a video … or was it to disconnect to others?

What do you on the train or bus?

Fighting in Japan

‘Japan is a safe country.’, I hear this statement quite often from various people. Personally, I don’t think it’s as safe as many people think.

Violence against the person, i.e., fighting, is quite low. People can go out at weekends and get extremely drunk and not have to worry about getting into a fight. Unlike my home country, Scotland.

Something that I discovered directly is that ‘fighting’ is quite different in Japan. I’ll tell you something that happened to me and you can be the judge.

Morning time at a busy train station. I was going up the stairs in the ‘up’ section, divided from the much wider ‘down section’ by a hand rail (the ‘up’ section is wide enough for about one and half people).

People were coming down the stairs and a businessman decided it would be quicker to come down in the area I was going up. As a result, he bumped into me quite hard. As he bumped into me he grabbed my right arm: by this time I was 2 steps higher than him.

What to do? My natural instinct at being attacked this way was to twist my arm and break his hold. As I did this I punch him in the chest – not so hard though! He almost tried to charge me but thought the better of it as I had the higher ground. Conflict over.

Was I wrong to punch him? I think, maybe, this is where cultures divide. Most Japanese would say that I was in the wrong for escalating the violence by punching him. Most ‘westerners’ might say I was right to defend myself after having my person attacked. Or maybe I was completely wrong??

What do you think? Please tell me your opinion.